Why I Wrote Bitcoin Clarity

In 2017, “What is Bitcoin?” was the most Googled question, and two years later still, nobody is exactly sure what it is.

Bitcoin is young and it’s not going away.

There is a huge opportunity here for anyone willing to learn something about it!

But there are several serious problems why trying to learn about Bitcoin.

  • “X is the real Bitcoin”
  • “X cryptocurrency is faster, cheaper, and better than Bitcoin”
  • “Bitcoin is dead, Y is the next Bitcoin”

Creators and promoters of competing cryptocurrencies have a direct incentive to create misleading information and promote their cryptocurrency.

The opportunity ability and intent to mislead consumers is all there.

But because both ignorance and fraud are widespread in the extended cryptocurrency community, it’s difficult to distinguish between the well-intentioned people who are unintentionally wrong when explaining Bitcoin, and the scammers who are being intentionally deceptive. Intentionally or unintentionally, the information promoted by influencers is often for personal and tribal gain.

Kiara BickersBitcoin Clarity

What I quickly learned is that influencers are generally not invested in improving your understanding.

Kiara BickersBitcoin Clarity

Where is an authoritative place to learn about using Bitcoin? There isn’t one.

Another problem in understanding Bitcoin is that.. Bitcoin is complicated.

Unless you’re a cryptographer or developer, you really have no way of understanding Bitcoin on your own.

There are millions of people that want to learn about Bitcoin, but they don’t know where to start or who to trust.

Similar to a doctor or lawyer, if you don’t believe one expert, the best option you have is to get the opinion of another.

Likewise in crypto, you have to decide whose opinion you’re going to trust..

You’re economics nerd friend, some guru on Twitter, or your financial advisor,

Who they are determines what type of Bitcoin propaganda they sell you.

  1. Bitcoin as “digital gold”: Bitcoin is a digital security and a store of value.
  2. Bitcoin as “cypherpunk money”: Bitcoin is a way to transfer value securely over the insecure internet.
  3. Bitcoin as “a dumb investment”: Bitcoin is the first of the highly volatile cryptocurrency asset class.

Everyone is subject to bias and the solution to that is transparency.


Clarity is a way of being coherent and transparent about your thoughts, to communicate what’s important.

I focus on answering three simple questions:

  1. How does Bitcoin work?
  2. Why does it work?
  3. And is it valuable?

With three simple tools:

  1. Visuals
  2. Mental models
  3. And Systems Thinking

I sketched out hundreds images to visually explain everything about how it works. Then I got a great artist that I met at my local coffee shop to redraw it. (Shout out to Jordan for doing an amazing job with that!)

I worked with Bitcoin developers to create the mental models that accurately map to the technical details.

I worked with traders to cover to the section on markets and mindset.

Then I used systems thinking to structure the book.

I’ve made this as easy as possible for truly the average person to understand.

Regular people don’t want an expert to tell them what Bitcoin is, they want to be showed what it is, by giving them new ways to see it for themselves.

Without code, economics, or cryptography.

The book is available for preorder here.

And for people who want group training I’ve created that here as well.

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The Alchemy of Self (Changing My Name)

When I look back at my life and my childhood there were a lot of negative things that I could easily have chosen to focus on. Until I was 8 I shared a queen size bed with my mom and my grandmother. We were dirt poor. I grew up without a dad. By the time I was a teenager I had tried nearly every single worthwhile drug (and a few that were not worthwhile).

One of the things that kept me from having an entirely different unfortunate life, that I should have statistically expected, is that I always knew what was in my control and what wasn’t.

I always focused on the aspects of life that were in my control.

I took responsibly for my life.

I don’t blame where I am on where I came from, who raised me or who didn’t.

And where did that get me?

Well, I’m no longer poor.

I’m happily sharing my bed with a beautiful fiancée.

I reunited with my dad, and now I’m changing my last name to his.

kiararobles.com → kiarabickers.com


  1. It’s an identity I choose.

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Urbit Ships Registered

I’ve been following Urbit for a long time, and I’m super excited to finally get to register my ships. I’m slightly disappointed to have to do it on Ethereum HD keys, but I get it… they’re bootstrapping.

If you’re on Talk, you can join my newly created channel at:

~your-urbit:talk= ;join ~ragtyn-haclyn-hopdut-rippyx--dibref-fipdet-ridsem-timmeb/raw-vision

Coinbase Phishing

No, I did not randomly get $80,000 worth of bitcoin sent to me. This phishing attempt wasn’t sent to me at all. A client got this text message and sent me a screenshot not knowing what to do. Not surprisingly, malicious actors are targeting potential Coinbase users, to serve them a fake login, take their credentials, and steal their crypto candy.

Don’t falling for this,

Don’t assume you would never be the recipient of Bitcoin accidentally.

Don’t keep your funds on an exchange, use a hardware wallet like Ledger.

And don’t click bunk links sent from unknown numbers.

What Does Free Speech Actually Mean?

The First Amendment does not require Berkeley to protect Robles against the actions of others.

San Francisco Federal Court U.S. DistrictJudge Claudia Wilke

I found that this quote was used in several articles relating to the #MiloAtCal situation in Berkeley. After reading this, I have to ask myself if any of us understand what free speech means.

This post is my strongest effort to be as sober and moderate as possible in attempting to understand the concept of free speech.

Its my understanding that free speech is the government protected right that allows all individuals to express themselves freely, without government interference. It’s the mechanism by which the people, and our culture, decides which direction progress is.

Here I’m going to make a serious attempt to address the arguments against free speech, and what the reasonable limits of free speech should be.

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Victim vs. Victor

You’re a hero because today you when out into the world and managed to get through another day without having a complete meltdown. Really, that’s your hero’s journey?

People don’t listen to the heroes excuses, not because the hero doesn’t have any. But because the hero doesn’t frame his story in terms of his suffering and obstacles. He wouldn’t be a hero if he did.

Victimhood comes with its benefits:

  • Victims get to have excuses.
  • Victims get to pass off blame.
  • Victims get to be the moral authority on suffering.

What people stuck in this mentality don’t realize is that suffering is a really terrible thing to be an authority on. Asking for pity forces you to operate from a low social standing.

Why not be an authority on compassion, courage, or temperance?

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The Art of Problem Solving by Russell Ackoff

Ackoffs problem-solving approach is about asking why instead of how.

From this video alone I made the shift from thinking “things” as static objects to thinking about things as systems. Then I applied the mental model to the Bitcoin Systems-Thinking approach.

The first thing people do when they want to learn about Bitcoin (or any complex system) is they rush into taking it apart. They think they need to learn how to code or learn elliptic curve math. It’s not a terrible way to waste your time, but unless you’re willing to spend 5+ years on the subject it’s not going to get very close to the target.


Systems can’t be understood by taking them apart.

The book is a beautiful collection of stories, like the ones in this video that get you to think bigger, more creatively, and develop more robust mental models to better visualize the assumptions you’re making about perceived problems and solutions.

What Was The Price Of Your Freedom?

In the future, you’ll be resurrected from the data dump from your social media posts. The superficial selfies, the iconic cynicism, your post-cool hipster nihilism. You’ll be used an NPC character to advance the storyline, and determine if any protagonists were playing in this world.

Someone asks, “What was the price of your freedom?”

You’re conscious but you have no agency, no purpose, or abilty roll your eyes.

These are a few questions to test for consciousness and free will in a human:

  1. What do you value?
  2. What do you do with your money?
  3. What is the price of your freedom?

I can’t even ask what you’ve done with your freedom because most of you have never bought it yet. You serve in The Empire of Comfort, stacking pillows, playing dress up with your collection of masks.

The average life of a slave is so “good,” the only contrast exists in envy.

Hate Mondays, wish it was Friday.
Hate your body, wish you had a better one.
Hate your car, wish you had theirs.
Wishing is for whim worshipers.

I write about Bitcoin because I believe it is a tool for freedom.

Freedom to do what?
Freedom is just the first step in building the new empire.

My mission is to destroy illusions and see in raw vision.

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The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous

The only two things that are truly scarce in the world are Bitcoin and time.

Saifedean Ammous

This man is a carnivorous beast. The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous is the standard for Bitcoin/Economics books.

If you’re new to Bitcoin or The Austrian School of economics, The Bitcoin Standard is the tool for understanding the industry from the perspective of some of its most ardent believers. If you’re a student of the Austrian School already, there is more to learn still. Most notably is the idea of how money relates to your personal time preference.

It’s no secret that modern societies are built on credit, low interest rates, and a regularly printed currency to keep the masses spending. But what people don’t realize is the effect cheap money has on them. Fiat money is turning wolves into sheep. This is the single frame of mind that makes the book so eye-opening for me.

Everyone is fixated on working for the weekend, the next iPhone, or the next vacation. And why not? Why save money when you’re holding money that is worth less in ten years than it is now, why save it? The incentive of fiat money tilts users towards spending now and selling the future of the present.

Cheap money, and cheap souls; the psychological significance of cheap money, is the weakness of the modern era.

I’ve said it before. Money is an economic container for time. And you’ve been sold a leaky bag. Bitcoin and other hard forms of money is one cure. When you hold real assets, you go from the consumer to the investor mindset. The perspective shift happens goes from short-term thinking to longer-term thinking, to generational thinking, and lasting wealth.