What Was The Price Of Your Freedom?

In the future, you’ll be resurrected from the data dump from your social media posts. The superficial selfies, the iconic cynicism, your post-cool hipster nihilism. You’ll be used an NPC character to advance the storyline, and determine if any protagonists were playing in this world.

Someone asks, “What was the price of your freedom?”

You’re conscious but you have no agency, no purpose, or abilty roll your eyes.

These are a few questions to test for consciousness and free will in a human:

  1. What do you value?
  2. What do you do with your money?
  3. What is the price of your freedom?

I can’t even ask what you’ve done with your freedom because most of you have never bought it yet. You serve in The Empire of Comfort, stacking pillows, playing dress up with your collection of masks.

The average life of a slave is so “good,” the only contrast exists in envy.

Hate Mondays, wish it was Friday.
Hate your body, wish you had a better one.
Hate your car, wish you had theirs.
Wishing is for whim worshipers.

I write about Bitcoin because I believe it is a tool for freedom.

Freedom to do what?
Freedom is just the first step in building the new empire.

My mission is to destroy illusions and see in raw vision.

Every day I look up and the Bitcoin space has become the altcoin space, which spawned the ICO space and I’m sick of it.

Bitcoin use to be for outcasts and freethinkers. Now the masses from the hive mind are infiltrating, creating memes mirroring what the true members of the tribe have been saying.

People who start altcoins and ICOs will shamelessly use your values to leverage your money into their hands. They will use muh freedom of choice, muh free market, and muh Satoshis’ vision, they’ll use anything that moves you. They’ll pretend they are either too stupid or too smart to see the truth of their own scam. The few that are willfully ignorant follow hype and chase naive visions of a decentralized app utopia.

At any given time you’ve been in the Bitcoin space, the majority of users have joined within the last six months. The industry has experienced exponential growth that can’t be mass filtered for ideology as it once was. Cryptocurrency or tokenized fanboys are not automatically apart of this tribe.

Money is a store of value; it is a tool.

Some stores of value are better tools than others, which is why I talk about Bitcoin. But I see now that I’ve gotten ahead of myself. For days I have been going on and on about Bitcoin as a store of value, but I’ve skipped the core point on knowing what to value.

We are born into slavery. Debt-bondage, compulsory education, nine to five, our lives are not our own. The United States dollar, Canadian fun bucks, exist as tools inside the empires, to serve those empires.

The currency of our empire, the one that we are building is not the currency of materialism; this is not the currency of status symbols. Its the currency of virtue.

Freedom to develop yourself, with the responsibility to others help others do the same. I’ll say it again.

Money is a store of value, an economic container for time. The obtaining of any currency is your stockpile reserves on time.

I despise the fiat system; I despise the idea that you can create money without delivering value, thinking you can print money or issue tokens into thin air.

That is not the way of free people.

We will use the currency of their empire to buy our freedom until they see their money was a tool for building ours.

In our empire, when it is built, we will have their currency and they’ll beg for it, and we will give it freely until they realize its true worth.

  1. Obtain wealth to to create value.
  2. Use wealth not to display your status, but to prove your power.
  3. The power to create reality, capture value, and stockpile arms.

Money does not give you purpose.
Money is a tool to work your purpose in the world.